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Net Neutrality

Remember how wireless carriers try to screw you left and right? Want to send one txt message over your limit? That’ll be $1 per message. Thanks! Want to block that creepy guy who keeps calling you thinking your his sister? That’ll be $5 per month. Thanks! Want to roam outside of your network? That’ll be […]

Joys of a Time Warner Cable installation

By Ted I would like to share my recent experience with Time Warner Cable. I have been a subscriber for the past 3 years, so I have had to deal with intermittent incompetence, but no huge issues. Last week I moved literally across the hall. In preparation for this move I contacted Time Warner asking […]

Why advertising will fail on the Internet

The titans of traditional media are desperately trying to transfer their business models into the digital realm.  Since subscriptions have never produced sufficient income, all these models depend on advertising revenue. Unfortunately for them, the Internet rejects advertising. Mass marketing flourished in print, on TV and on the radio, but only because those media all […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. III

The real open gov’t. Amazing project. Ludicrous to even conceive that Jarvis or Bollinger would have even considered this. I doubt that even the journalists on the staff would stick around if the government bailed them out, no matter what the paper. The field of sustainable architecture and design continues to impress an optimistic vision […]