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The Great American Armchair Road Trip

For those of us stuck in one place for one reason or another the thoughts of participating in that most American of things, the road trip, is an ever-tempting daydream. Below is my attempt to build a Great American Armchair Road Trip collection. For those more ecologically-conscious, don’t forget we have railroads or you can […]

The left lane is for passing

I know you like the left lane. I know you feel comfortable there. I know these things. Man. But, for the love of god(s) you have to get the hell out of the left lane if you’re not passing someone. There. I said it. When you do pass, do it as quickly as possible (AQAP!) […]

Merging onto the highway

35mph is not a proper merging speed! The last few weeks I’ve encountered an epidemic of people merging onto the Interstate at frighteningly low speeds. Sometimes 20, sometimes 30 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit. I have never in my life been on a highway, Interstate, freeway or tollway that had a speed […]