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Not so quietly

Correction: Japan was quietly evacuating…

Biblical disaster in Japan

Incredible. Hopefully the death toll is low, but I haven’t seen any estimates yet. Only positive is that at least this hit a rich and well built country like Japan. Imagine something like this happening in Brazil. Hell, think back to what happened in Haiti.

All signs point to doing more

While the debt crisis in Greece threatens Europe and markets all over the world, many Americans want to draw parallels between the United States and Greece. The story goes like this: The Greeks borrowed too much, Americans are doing the same and the only way out is to cut back spending. Sharply. But as Paul […]

FedEx plane crashes landing in Japan

Holy crap: The two American crew members operating the plane were killed. So far the best guess is that wind gusts caused the accident. Thankfully this wasn’t a passenger plane, because I doubt anyone would have survived that fireball.