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Album Only songs = musical extortion

Jay-Z has been in the news lately because of his new album which came out yesterday. Because I’m a sucker, the media blitz convinced me to run out and buy the album (which gets a thumbs up from me) along with some other Jay-Z tracks I don’t yet have in my collection. One song I […]

Signs of the apocalypse

For your consideration: Only 51% of Kentuckians believe that Obama was born in the United States according to a poll by Daily Kos/Research 2000. The Senate Finance Committee (run by health industry whore Max Baucus) is finally going to put out its plan for health care reform, and it won’t have a public option. Jay-Z’s […]

Mental health break: Jay-Z edition

Sometimes I forget how much I love Jay-Z… then he releases some awesome new song and I remember all over again: **** Consider this an open comments thread. Anything you want me to write about next week?

Mental health break: Kudos to Obama & shoe throwers

Obama has been doing some good stuff these last couple of days. He’s ordered Gitmo closed as well as the CIA’s semi-secret “black sites”. He’s overturned an executive order by Bush that would have prevented many of the Bush era documents from being released publicly, it also limits himself and future Presidents from putting those […]