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Taibbi On The Media-Political Establishment Dynamic

One of WWW’s favorites, Matt Taibbi, struck not a blow at Sarah Palin in a recent post but the whole of the relationship between the mainstream media and its interactions with the political establishment. Taibbi has been a reporter out on the campaign trail multiple times and, coming from a non-traditional journalism background, tends not […]

The access of evil

In the realm of reporting, a journalist distinguishes himself from his competitors through effective sourcing. Any staffer can reap information from press releases and meeting minutes. Rarer is the ability to establish strong and reliable lines of communication with high-value sources. As the journalist increases his level of access, he increases his worth to his […]

It’s probably because you suck

Nobody has ever read an Objective newspaper. If I bother to say this to a journalist, he inevitably froths at the mouth before rebutting: “You’re only saying that because you’re a socialist.” Everyone says it, I reply. Leftists, Centrists, Rightists. “Exactly! Everyone criticizes us. That shows that we’re fair.” Actually, if everyone hates you, it’s […]

Honesty vs ratings at MSNBC

A recent New Yorker profile of MSNBC star Keith Olbermann has revealed some startling information about the inner-workings of major American news outlets. Shaping the news and commentary for ratings or for some other form of personal greed is just about the worst thing a journalist can do. But apparently that’s not out of the ordinary […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. III

The real open gov’t. Amazing project. Ludicrous to even conceive that Jarvis or Bollinger would have even considered this. I doubt that even the journalists on the staff would stick around if the government bailed them out, no matter what the paper. The field of sustainable architecture and design continues to impress an optimistic vision […]

Hope through free speech and the free press

There is a reason for hope and it does not lay with well-funded professional politicians trying to make their way into the U.S. Senate or the White House. No, our hope, for the world at least, is through the power of global communication. Increased interconnectivity and greater technological prowess has allowed the voices of many, […]