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Lakers not named Kobe Bryant

Seriously, check out this box score (click for a larger version) The Lakers not named Kobe Bryant combined to score only 48 points out of a team total of 86. They went 18 for 51 for a pathetic 35% shooting. For a comparison, the Lakers “defense” allowed the Celtics to shoot 56%. Kobe can’t do […]

Comfort food

Carolina lost again last night sending me and coach Roy Williams into the depths of depression. Luckily, the basketball gods are shining on other parts of the hoops universe:

Shaq tarnishes his legacy

After Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to their 15th NBA Championship Sunday night, former Laker star and Kobe rival, Shaq, decided to keep it classy on Twitter: But Kobe wasn’t the only target. Shaq decided it would also be in good taste to mock Laker benchwarmers. Later in the evening, Shaq seemed to offer up […]

Who was Edmund Burke? Plus random fun videos

Conservative love and admiration for Ronald Reagan finally became so unhinged that it turned the former president’s name into a punchline. Perhaps they’ve finally recognized this phenomenon and have turned their reverence toward Edmund Burke. Seriously, this Burke guy is showing up in conservative articles all around the web. Usually he’s mentioned as someone who […]