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Electing Judges And The Corruption of American Law

Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor are against them. I’ve always found it strange. Why would we elect someone who is supposed to be impartial? Judges are not supposed to reflect public opinion but that of the law.

Your Rights Hanging By A Belt…

…or How I Contributed To The Public Coffers Of Warrenton, NC By Ian Last week, I had to go to court to “defend” myself for getting a speeding ticket. Let me first tell you about how I got said ticket so you understand how I ended up in this situation. My fiancée and I were […]

Wal-mart sues crippled employee

Updated Below Check out this crazy story, courtesy of Keith Olbermann: For those of you without video access, here is the summary from the LA Times: As chronicled in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, Shank, a former overnight shelf-stocker for Wal-Mart in southeastern Missouri, was driving her minivan when she was broadsided by a semi and […]