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Fault in the health reform debacle

The short answer: the Democrats in the Senate. Let me tell you why. The filibuster In the United States Senate, one Senator can hold up legislation using the filibuster rule. In order to stop a filibuster, it takes 60 votes. Senate tradition held that the filibuster would only be used in extraordinary circumstances. Thanks to Republicans, […]

The depressed Dems

At the risk of repeating myself every few weeks, it seems like the Public Option is dead (and any sort of compromise) thanks to Senator Lieberman and his desire to piss off his former liberal allies at the cost of American lives. The death of Public Option comes hot on the heels of a poll […]

Health care: Good & bad news

Good news: Health care reform passed the House this weekend. Consumerist has a good summary of what’s in the bill: Insurance mandate – Uninsured Americans will pay a penalty; low-income people exempt. House bill charges a penalty of 2.5% of adjusted gross income: that’s $500 on $20,000, for example. Employer coverage – All employers with […]

Roundup for Monday 8/24/09

From Greg Sargent, proof that Democrats are losing faith in Obama’s tepid and contradictory ideas of change: Here are the net favorability ratings for Obama — i.e., the difference between the favorable and unfavorable ratings — broken down by party and compared with the previous week: DEMOCRATS: +72 (+78) REPUBLICANS: – 86 (- 84) INDEPENDENTS: +35 (+39) […]