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Election 2008 Results Liveblogging

11:00pm NBC just called it for Barack Obama. This insanely long election is finally over! I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to believe actually. 10:15pm Not happy that McConnell won… but Ian I think it’s safe to drink now. At least it is for me… 9:50pm I don’t see how Obama loses this […]

2008 Presidential Debate III: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Is Bob Schieffer older than John McCain? 9:05pm McCain repeats his plan to buy $300 billion worth of home mortgages. He says it hurts everyone if these homes are abandoned, even those who were responsible with their money. Sounds good. 9:10pm Obama talks very specifically about tax […]

MSNBC Democratic Debate: Liveblogging

9:00 It’s on. 9:05 Clinton isn’t shying away from her weekend attacks on Obama over his characterization of her health care plan, but Clinton isn’t taking the same agitated tone. Obama said his campaign isn’t “whining” about her attacks like Clinton’s. I’m a little surprised he said that. He doesn’t come across well when he […]

CNN Democratic Debate: Liveblogging

I’ve never tried to do this… but here goes nothing… 8:05 Hillary looks understandably tense. She spent the first half of her opening statement on shoutouts to Texas. The rest was largely devoted to health care and other domestic issues. 8:10 Obama sounds a little under the weather. He spent a great deal of time […]