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Great thinkers, Vol. 1: Lewis Black on legalizing weed

Top Ten Keywords

Google Analytics keeps track of every Google search that results in a click to the Web site. I decided to look at the keywords for the last few months and see what searches were drawing people here. Here are Why We Worry’s Top Ten most amusing keywords, in no particular order: can you fly wearing […]

What marijuana prohibition costs

On Friday, I briefly criticized Obama’s glib response to the question of legalizing marijuana. I said, “our marijuana laws, in particular, are much more destructive than the effects of the drug itself. They tear apart families through prison terms and divert/waste government money on an incredible scale.” In the comments section, Ian thought I went too […]

Roundup for Friday 3/27/2009

Apparently, rightwingers are convincing themselves that Obama is too reliant on teleprompters and is thus a terrible communicator (we’ve come a long way since the days of ‘Just Words’). Here is Letterman’s response: **** From the guys who brought you the Iraq war (Kristol, Kagan and Senor), comes a new foreign policy think tank titled […]

Monday Blogging – 2/9/09

Look at me… I didn’t write a post for you guys last night. Sorry! (Above is a picture I found – it’s not me, I promise – while searching for Monday on Creative Commons) 9:40am In 2003, A-Rod tested positive for steroid use. Since it seems like most Yankees fans already hate Alex Rodriguez, I’m […]

Rep. Frank wants to legalize marijuana

Damn hippies: Rep. Barney Frank said he plans to file a bill to legalize “small amounts” of marijuana. Frank announced his plans late Friday on the HBO show “Real Time,” hosted by Bill Maher. “I’m going to file a bill as soon as we go back to remove all federal penalties for the possession or […]

The Obama Fallacy

“There’s a mighty big difference between good, sound reasons and reasons that sound good” — Burton Hillis Super Tuesday was an important day in the ongoing charade — namely, the one that’s sometimes laughingly referred to as an election. Voters — those who bothered to show up — chose between pre-approved candidates, none of whom will […]