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Roundup for Thursday 1/21/10

Democrats: Get something done, or get sent home: The fundamental pact between a political party and its supporters is that the two groups believe the same thing and pledge to work on it together. And the Democratic base feels that it has held to its side of the bargain. It elected a Democratic majority and […]

What Massachusetts really means

It is surprising that the Democrats lost control of Ted Kennedy’s former seat in the Senate. After all, Ted Kennedy was a liberal hero in Massachusetts and around the country. Kennedy’s replacement is Republican Scott Brown. It’s easy to guess his platform: He’s for tax cuts, against spending cuts to offset the tax cuts, against […]


In one sense, the defeat of the Democrats in Massachusetts has little impact on the strength of Barack Obama’s administration, whose party still easily controls the U.S. Senate, owning 59 of the 100 seats. But, in another, it’s a shocking vote of no confidence, delivered only one year after millions flooded D.C. to celebrate this […]