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Nidal Hasan, Specious Reporting, And Islam

The murders at Ft Hood yesterday were horrible. The subsequent coverage by major newspapers was deplorable. I did not hear about the killings until later in the evening. When I went around the the web checking the major news outlets, one thing stuck out for me. Most, in having found some information about the shooter, […]

The Military & Hollywood

From David Bordwell’s excellent film blog, Observations on film art and Film Art, came this semi-recent article discussing the close relationship of the US military and Hollywood. It basically sums up the win-win situation for both: Hollywood gets to use expensive equipment and well-trained crews (soldiers) for their productions and the military gets a say in how their […]

What's wrong with the ("viable") candidates

(Update: Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa) In just a few hours we should know which two candidates can claim victory in Iowa. If polling means anything, the winners will likely come from this pool: Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Romney, and Huckabee. Given the ongoing disaster in Iraq, it’s disappointing that none of these candidates have […]