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R.I.P. Alex Chilton

More at the NY Times.

Funnest teacher ever to be fired

Set to Pearl Jam’s single, “The Fixer” from their new album Backspacer.

WTF Kanye?

Seriously? I’m not a Taylor Swift fan or anything, but that interrupting her speech like that was just rude. If it had been a dude Kanye interrupted instead of Micro Machine sized Taylor Swift, he probably would have been clocked… and would have deserved it too.

Album Only songs = musical extortion

Jay-Z has been in the news lately because of his new album which came out yesterday. Because I’m a sucker, the media blitz convinced me to run out and buy the album (which gets a thumbs up from me) along with some other Jay-Z tracks I don’t yet have in my collection. One song I […]

5 worst hit songs ever

Yglesias thinks LFO’s “Summer Girls” is worthy of a Justice Department investigation for being so damn bad. I suppose if our government is going to look into every NFL and MLB scandal, we might as well keep a vigilant eye on the music industry. To save the Justice Department some time in researching the offenders, […]

Mental health break: Bruuuuce edition

In honor of the superlative Bruce Springtseen concert I saw on Saturday (even the Springsteen nerds agree it awesome), I present this trip back in time: Here are some videos from Saturday’s concert. Although the quality isn’t that great, this is my favorite: By the way, are any of you listening/reading/watching anything good I should be […]

Mental health break: Jay-Z edition

Sometimes I forget how much I love Jay-Z… then he releases some awesome new song and I remember all over again: **** Consider this an open comments thread. Anything you want me to write about next week?

Monday Blogging – 10/6/08

7:35am Last night I went to see the Black Keys, so I was a bit too busy having awesome amounts of fun to write a post for today. So instead, you’re getting treated to some equally awesome blogging updates throughout the day and a video of the Black Keys playing on Letterman: 9:20am You didn’t […]