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The “Ground Zero Mosque”

Right-wing bigots and left-wing cowards (or maybe they are just bigots too?) are in an uproar over the construction of a so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” As they tell it, the former site of the World Trade Center towers is “hallowed ground” and Muslims should not be allowed to build a “victory mosque” on or near it. […]

Nidal Hasan, Specious Reporting, And Islam

The murders at Ft Hood yesterday were horrible. The subsequent coverage by major newspapers was deplorable. I did not hear about the killings until later in the evening. When I went around the the web checking the major news outlets, one thing stuck out for me. Most, in having found some information about the shooter, […]

Roundup for Thursday 6/4/2009

According to the NYTimes, the Bush administration had a secret agreement with Israel whereby they “allowed Israel to build West Bank settlement housing within certain guidelines while still publicly claiming to honor a settlement ‘freeze.’” And peace becomes that much harder to achieve. Flickr photo of the West Bank by sduffy. **** Harry Reid, the […]

Is Obama Muslim?

The answer.