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Lakers not named Kobe Bryant

Seriously, check out this box score (click for a larger version) The Lakers not named Kobe Bryant combined to score only 48 points out of a team total of 86. They went 18 for 51 for a pathetic 35% shooting. For a comparison, the Lakers “defense” allowed the Celtics to shoot 56%. Kobe can’t do […]

Friday Roundup 6/13/08

Check out these awesome Lego recreations of classic photos. Buy print here. ————————- Update The Supreme Court decides 5 to 4 that the Bush Administration can’t imprison and execute people without first proving their guilt. Justice Scalia practically pissed his pants in his dissenting opinion. “It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed,” […]

Liveblogging: 2008 NBA Finals Game Three

Well… I skipped liveblogging game 2 on Sunday night. Partly because I watched the game on tape delay so I could skip the commercials and partly because I was in a meat coma from some excellent bison-loaf I had at Ted’s Montana Grill (Ted Turner’s most masterful business venture to date). Game 2 notes Game […]

Liveblogging: 2008 NBA Finals Game One

Welcome to my liveblogging – that no one will read – of the NBA Finals game one. Boston hosts Los Angeles for the first chapter of one of the most highly anticipated finals in the history of the world. God is surely watching. Q1 9:00 6-2 Good shooting start for LA, but they have to […]