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Liveblogging: 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Game Five

Just so you know, I hope the Magic win. 🙂 1st 6:00 Well… can’t say much other than the Cavaliers are demolishing the Magic. The Cavaliers are shooting an incredible percentage from the outside, and playing excellent defense. Mo Williams is living up to his Guaransheed a game late. End 1st The pwning of the Magic […]

Great moments in commercial history

It’s that time of year when I waste my nights watching NBA playoff games. By the way, the Bulls/Celtics series has been incredible. The game last night took three over times to decide. But anyways, NBA playoff time means being inundated with commercials I don’t usually see. The one I wanted to share with you […]

Why sports video games suck

<Nerd Rant> I love sports video games. I’ve got no trouble admitting it. I don’t doubt that I’ve spent more time playing sports video games than watching the Real Deal on TV (Although as I’m getting older and lazier, that’s probably going change). After more than eight years of playing the NBA 2K series, I […]

Liveblogging: 2008 NBA Finals Game Three

Well… I skipped liveblogging game 2 on Sunday night. Partly because I watched the game on tape delay so I could skip the commercials and partly because I was in a meat coma from some excellent bison-loaf I had at Ted’s Montana Grill (Ted Turner’s most masterful business venture to date). Game 2 notes Game […]

Liveblogging: 2008 NBA Finals Game One

Welcome to my liveblogging – that no one will read – of the NBA Finals game one. Boston hosts Los Angeles for the first chapter of one of the most highly anticipated finals in the history of the world. God is surely watching. Q1 9:00 6-2 Good shooting start for LA, but they have to […]

Mavericks fire Avery Johnson? And other NBA playoff news

After Tuesday’s season ending loss to the New Orleans Hornets, the Mavericks have decided to fire their head coach Avery Johnson. How could they do this to the Little General? This is a guy who won coach of the year in 2006 in just his second year as head coach of the Mavericks. It’s hard […]

How to fix fouls in the NBA

(Updated below) Let me set the scene. It’s the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Phoenix vs. San Antonio. Game 2, late 3rd quarter. The Spurs are up by a handful of points and they start fouling Shaq away from the ball. The infamous Hack-a-Shaq returns. The Spurs fouled Shaq with the intention of putting […]