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Undisclosed conflicts of interest at NBC

The New York Times has published another blockbuster exposé about the Pentagon’s efforts to control media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first article, published in April, took an overall look at the Pentagon’s program to use retired officers to push their message on network and cable news. These ex-military men would […]

A matter of grave importance

My friend Andrew has brought it to my attention that Luke Russert was “c*ck blocked” by Brian Williams live on NBC during their election coverage. You can check it out in this clip: (A higher quality version is available here.) I may be imagining things, but it seems to me that the girl on Russert’s […]

A different kind of affirmative action

I’m a little late on this one, but watching MSNBC’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention (which is mind numbing; McCain should watch it if he really has sleeping trouble) reminded me that NBC hired Luke Russert as a correspondent in the wake of his father’s death. Giving him a job is sorta sweet and […]