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My vote is bigger than your vote

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about the Electoral College every four years. It’s an anachronistic system to be sure, one designed for a time when average citizens had no direct say in who became president. But now, for better or worse, we each have the chance to cast a ballot for our presidential candidate […]

The legality of prostitution revisited

Don’t worry. Spitzer’s prostitution scandal isn’t the only topic I plan on writing about this month. I promise. In any case, we had a lively discussion about the legality and morality of prostitution in the comments for my last post, so I thought the issue was worth revisiting. I want to start by repeating what […]

Keeping the Spitzer outrage in perspective

“It’s really silly that prostitution is illegal” – Andrew Sullivan The mainstream media is almost certainly gearing up for overzealous coverage of the NY Governor Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. But before we let ourselves get caught up in all the salacious details, I think it’s important to keep in mind a couple things: 1) Prostitution […]