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Pants On The Ground

By Ian There has been a lot of bad, but unsurprising news lately. The Democrats still have no backbones. Osama bin Laden is still trying to blow up planes from a cave on the other side of the world. Haiti is still poor and ravaged by natural disasters. Jay Leno took The Tonight Show from […]

Our long national nightmare is over

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Why sports video games suck

<Nerd Rant> I love sports video games. I’ve got no trouble admitting it. I don’t doubt that I’ve spent more time playing sports video games than watching the Real Deal on TV (Although as I’m getting older and lazier, that’s probably going change). After more than eight years of playing the NBA 2K series, I […]

Congress: We'll investigate the NFL, MLB, but not the Bush administration

Things are so good in America that our public servants in Congress can afford to spend their time investigating sports leagues. It’s not like we’re being bled dry in two wars overseas. It’s not like our infrastructure is crumbling. No major cities are still reeling from hurricanes that hit three years ago. Congress is spending […]