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Nidal Hasan, Specious Reporting, And Islam

The murders at Ft Hood yesterday were horrible. The subsequent coverage by major newspapers was deplorable. I did not hear about the killings until later in the evening. When I went around the the web checking the major news outlets, one thing stuck out for me. Most, in having found some information about the shooter, […]

Wall Street to start trading in death

I had to check the date and the website to make sure it wasn’t Apri Fool’s Day and that I wasn’t on The Onion but the article turned out to be real and from a generally trusted source, the New York Times: The bankers plan to buy “life settlements,” life insurance policies that ill and […]

Undisclosed conflicts of interest at NBC

The New York Times has published another blockbuster exposé about the Pentagon’s efforts to control media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first article, published in April, took an overall look at the Pentagon’s program to use retired officers to push their message on network and cable news. These ex-military men would […]

Weekend Roundup 4/21/08

“Some will call this a backward-looking distraction, but only by fully understanding what Mr. Bush has done over eight years to distort the rule of law and violate civil liberties and human rights can Americans ever hope to repair the damage and ensure it does not happen again.” The New York Times finally bothered to […]