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Online gambling making a comeback

Back in 2006 Republicans – the folks who shed crocodile tears over Big Intrusive Government – banned online gambling by slipping a provision into a port security bill. The results were predictable. Online gambling continued as online casinos moved their operations off-shore, away from Uncle Sam’s regulations and tax collectors. Now that Washington is looking […]

Why advertising will fail on the Internet

The titans of traditional media are desperately trying to transfer their business models into the digital realm.  Since subscriptions have never produced sufficient income, all these models depend on advertising revenue. Unfortunately for them, the Internet rejects advertising. Mass marketing flourished in print, on TV and on the radio, but only because those media all […]

Whither the newspaper?

(Updated twice below) Ever since the interwide webway became popular, we’ve had to deal with various proclamations that newspapers are dead or will soon be dead. Well folks, it’s time to throw my hat into the ring. I think our economic apocalypse might be what kills off some big name newspapers in the next few […]