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What it’s like in Gaza for the Palestinians

It’s easy to dismiss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a battle between civilized Westerners and barbaric terrorists. However, it’s better to think of it as a battle between the relatively rich Israelis and slum dwelling Palestinians. The Israelis live a lot like us and the Europeans whereas the Palestinians live like this: Israeli patrols tightly enforce a […]

Pasta and Palestine's right to exist

While our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the Middle East proclaiming “vigorous” support for a Palestinian state, there are serious doubts that Israel’s new leaders (Benjamin Netanyahu primarily) will even pretend to support the Palestinians right to self determination. In fact, they seem determined to undermine it. Matthew Yglesias had two thought-provoking […]

Gaza News Roundup

They are bombing one and a half million people in a cage (CBS News): The reality of war (Andrew Sullivan):  Thought experiment (Stephen Walt): Imagine that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria had won the Six Day War, leading to a massive exodus of Jews from the territory of Israel. Imagine that the victorious Arab states had […]

Israel continues to pound Gaza

As I mentioned over the break, Israel has been conducting strikes in Gaza. According to the New York Times, those strikes are continuing and have already claimed over 300 Palestinian lives. In 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon, the Israeli armed forces showed a similar lack of restraint. Yglesias thinks the attacks are meant to improve […]

Israel: A Rogue Nation

Last Friday, Israel closed off occupied-Gaza Strip and its 1.4 million residents from the rest of the world, blockading the flow of basic supplies – including fuel and humanitarian aid. It’s understood that the blockade could lead to a humanitarian crisis in the already-destitute area. The lack of diesel fuel, for instance, threatens “such vital […]