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Why we elected Democrats

I’m so glad the Democrats got the message in 2006 and 2008 that we wanted them to be exactly like the Republicans (from AntiWar.com): The House of Representatives narrowly averted allowing the US Patriot Act to expire, abandoning all the proposed privacy provisions to the bill and approving it exactly as worded by the Senate […]

Time for Patriot Act reform

President Obama is pushing to re-authorize three pernicious parts of the Patriot Act that are up for renewal this year. The Patriot Act, passed in the wake of 9/11, granted the government unprecedented power to fight crime and terrorism. Power that has gone unchecked and led to civil liberties violations, like these. Here’s the ACLU’s description […]

Convention Crackdowns

Fortunately, after today we will no longer have to be bothered with hour upon hour of vacuous convention pomp, either from the Republicans or their willing enablers, the Democrats.  But before this pseudo-democratic spectacle ends, we should examine the ramifications of what’s been going on outside the conventions, in the streets. It’s understood that American […]