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Atta girl!

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi managed to pass the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, with one modification: No bonus tax cuts for people who make in excess of $250,000. Pelosi and the House Democrats made the right move. Not raising taxes on middle class Americans during a deep recession makes sense. Americans need the […]

The torture story goes on

Just keeping you peeps up to date. Dick Cheney is not providing plausible deniability for his former boss. Here is Cheney speaking about the “enhanced interrogation program”: SCHIEFFER: Did President Bush know everything you knew? CHENEY: I certainly, yes, have every reason to believe he knew — he knew a great deal about the program. […]

Killing the Fourth Amendment

Updated Below From page 5 of the The FISA Amendment Act of 2008: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a civil action may not lie or be maintained in a Federal or State court against any person for providing assistance to an element of the intelligence community, and shall be promptly dismissed, if the Attorney […]