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A Borderless World

Excellent talk by Parag Khanna about the true nature and value of borders in our world today. About 19 minutes but well worth it (as is any at TEDTalk). Additional TED interview here.

The Military & Hollywood

From David Bordwell’s excellent film blog, Observations on film art and Film Art, came this semi-recent article discussing the close relationship of the US military and Hollywood. It basically sums up the win-win situation for both: Hollywood gets to use expensive equipment and well-trained crews (soldiers) for their productions and the military gets a say in how their […]

Trees in the Desert

One of the many places where the current climate crisis is increasingly visible is the Sahel, a broad region across the waist of Africa dividing the lush forests of the south from the sand and desert of the Sahara to the north. As the population increases, the climate shifts, and water resources become scarce, crops […]

The US Abroad: How Long In Afghanistan?

We are currently in the middle of shifting our soldiers and strategic focus back to Afghanistan. What presence and control we continue in Iraq will be something only time will tell. People are calling this the new ‘surge’ but for those of us that follow these issues it seems like too little, too late as […]

After Kim Jong-il

North Korea has once more been in the news, this time with the historic visit-cum-rescue operation headed by Bill Clinton to free two American journalists that had been held for four months. For a nation as isolated from the world at large politically and economically, it has held quite the attentive position of newsmaker the […]

Preparing for the Next “Red Scare”

Are we always to be fearful and preparing ourselves for those who are rising economically behind us? The past twenty years has seen the exponential growth of wealth in China and with it, the positioning of the country as another Us vs. Them competition within our domestic politics and media. Most of rhetoric is framed […]

Long Term Cost of Combat

Why We Worry …about our soldiers on the Home Front I came across this duology of articles from the Colorado Springs Gazette: Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home Casualties of War, Part II: Warning signs It is worth reading both in full. What struck me is that these are not […]

That Woman

Dear Purveyors of Mass Media, It would do crucial justice to the sanity of this country if there were a moratorium on continued discussion of That Woman. All statements and speculations about “2012” and the word “presidential” or “candidate” should be abandoned in the context of her name. That Woman has resigned her office due […]