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Clinton pwns in Puerto Rico: And no one cared, Part 3

You can read about Hillary’s victory in Puerto Rico here. Why did the Democrats even bother to include Puerto Rico in the nominating process? I don’t particularly care one way or the other, I’m just curious. As a quick follow-up to Friday’s post about Ticketmaster, I’d like to say I’m totally baffled by people who […]

Clinton triumphant in Kentucky: And no one cared, Part 2

And no one cared, Part 1 here “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that anyone who supported me – the 17 million people who have voted for me – understand what a grave error it would be not to vote for Sen. McCain … uh, Sen. Obama, and against Sen. McCain,” […]

And no one cared

I’m gonna try to bring back the amateur cartoons that everyone enjoyed from the old site. Enjoy 🙂

The Gas Tax Holiday: An Election Day 'Issue'

On this website, I’ve complained multiple times about the substance free coverage of the 2008 presidential battle. Finally, in the last few days leading up to today’s Democratic Primary vote in Indiana and North Carolina, we’re talking about an actual policy issue! Sort of. Hillary Clinton has followed John McCain’s lead, and proposed a gas […]

Hillary wins Pennsylvania

MSNBC is projecting that Hillary Clinton has defeated Barack Obama in today’s Pennsylvania primary. Now we wait to find out how big the victory is… Update 12:20am It looks like Hillary won by about 10%. Just enough to keep the race going, not enough to change anything. Goodnight. The morning after I agree with Yglesias: […]

Super extra-uber duper Tuesday?

The Lessons from tonight: There are more people that want a creationist in the White House than a Mormon. I think it’s fair to say that Mike Huckabee has indeed swapped second place with Mitt Romney. Romney’s results are pathetic considering the money he’s spent campaigning thus far. McCain is all but assured the nomination. […]