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British protest tuition hikes

For those interested, here is the real story.

Health Care Activists Illustrated

By noted illustrator Steve Brodner: Yesterday was mobilization day for health care activists. In the clammy rain folks gathered and sat in at insurance corporate offices across the country. Here’s a drawing of demonstrators at United Health at Penn Plaza, where I was yesterday, where 14 people were arrested.

Republican teabaggers, what’s old is new again

As we bask in the mind-blowing paranoia of the rightwing 9/12 protesters … … it’s important to keep in mind … … that these crazy people aren’t a new phenomenon …

Convention Crackdowns

Fortunately, after today we will no longer have to be bothered with hour upon hour of vacuous convention pomp, either from the Republicans or their willing enablers, the Democrats.  But before this pseudo-democratic spectacle ends, we should examine the ramifications of what’s been going on outside the conventions, in the streets. It’s understood that American […]

The 'How Bad Can We Piss Off China'? Midweek Roundup

Art In Reality “Official” “Unofficial” I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between (but leaning more towards the “unofficial” side of things given that the Chinese typically show nice big banners of hanged criminals in their train stations – not really squeamish about a good shooting, them) Expect these throughout the torch relay run — […]