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Paying for our economic sins

Andrew Sullivan fears that our leader’s attempts to fix the economy will do us more harm than good. … the radicalism of the current policies pioneered by Paulson and Brown and now getting even more outlandish seems to me to have two potentials: to somehow drag us out of this without an almighty crash now […]

Why we might need more deficit spending

On the 2nd of this month I wrote a short snarky post about the explosion of our national deficit. I still think it was dangerous and stupid to borrow so much money (from China mainly) in a time of economic prosperity to spend on the war in Iraq and tax cuts for the rich. However, […]

We can't afford not to reform health care

I know, I know, I wrote about health care less than a week ago but everyone just has to read this post from Ezra Klein. Here are the juicy bits (including charts!) for you lazy folk: If you’re worried about the federal debt — particularly the long-term federal debt — there is literally no way […]

George Will has a great idea(!) about bank bailouts

We may or may not be in the early stages of a horrible recession. All we really know is that gas is f***ing expensive and banks seem to be falling all around us. But I tell you what, I’ll be damned if bad economic forecasts stop me from eating chocolate and chugging beer. Anyways, back […]

Thursday Blogging – 4/3/08

9:50am In case you were wondering, a “survey of sex therapists concluded the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes.” 10:50am Don’t worry about the economy until fast food joints start losing money. 11:05am It turns out the new Attorney General is as big a liar as the last one. […]

Bad economy? A self-fulfilling prophecy

The sky is falling! The economy is crashing! You will be broke, homeless and unable to survive! No longer will you be able to afford your consumer goods or get cheap loans for houses and cars you would can’t really afford. You, an American citizen, entitled to a life of plenty and wealth, might have […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. II

Heath Ledger found dead in US This isn’t about a celebrity. My suspicions: a little alcohol mixed with some Ambien led to the Big Sleep. I would look for a backlash against that family of drugs and the over-prescription of them. Or one would hope. We really do try and emulate “Brave New World” in […]