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The Health Care PR Debacle

In a new AdAge article, Michael Bush discusses how Team Obama lost control of the health care debate due to bad PR and communications. His opponents have used his election tactics of “grassroots marketing and email” against him, say industry professionals. I would have to agree. Health Care is not a sexy thing to sell. […]

Giving up the public option

Health care reform continues to dominate domestic political news. This weekend, the White House made big news by offering to compromise on the “public option” and then backtracking. For those of you new to the scene, the public option is a government run insurance plan that would compete with private insurance companies. Theoretically it would […]

There won’t be compromise with Republicans on health care

On Friday, Clint had an excellent roundup of the rightwing idiocy designed to destroy any chance at health care reform. Unfortunately their idiocy is having an effect. According to Republican Senator – and Glenn Beck fan – Chuck Grassley, the Senate has dropped end of life counseling from their proposed bill. This was in response to […]