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Roundup for Friday 12/19/2008

Bush is going to hook Chrysler and GM up with a $13.4 billion loan. Seems like a reasonable short term deal that will buy time for the incoming administration and Congress to address the issue more comprehensively. Paul Krugman thinks the Madoff scandal is a microcosm of the financial industry as a whole. The essence […]

Sorry we're out of the Dark Ages

Daniel Henniger wrote an column for the Wall Street Journal yesterday complaining about all the nuanced answers Obama gave at the Saddleback forum. Henniger longs for a simpler time when he didn’t have to learn how a candidate thought, because he could know without asking: There was a time before the multitude of world views […]

McCain pads his POW record…

…or “Watch as I cover the superficial” (Updated Below) It’s starting to look like McCain got caught in a shocking exaggeration or outright fabrication of his own POW experience. Over the weekend, both McCain and Obama stroked uberpowerful-Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren’s ego by participating in his presidential forum. During McCain’s performance, he recalled a real […]