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Nothing to see here

(Updated Below) Last night, McCain’s campaign announced that Sarah Palin will not cooperate with the investigation into her possible of abuse of power as governor, known as Troopergate. This comes after assurances that she would cooperate and bring “openness” to Washington. Is the ability to lie without flinching a genetic trait? Update There she goes, […]

Republican National Convention Thread

(Updated Below) Consider this an open thread to discuss anything you want about the RNC, speeches and all. Here’s Mitt Romney fishing for applause by adding the word “liberal” to every attack he could come up with: Read Romney’s prepared speech. Mike Huckabee, one of the only likable Republicans on the national stage, reminds us […]


(Updated six times below) This is the kind of news you can hardly avoid. Sen. John McCain has chosen first-term Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. My take Palin offers nothing of substance to the McCain ticket but she offers a way for McCain to appeal to female voters and disaffected Clinton […]