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Health care: cash for change?

“I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care
plan. I see no reason why the United States – the wealthiest country
in the history of the world – is spending 14% of its Gross National
Product on health care and cannot provide basic health insurance to

Those are Barack Obama’s words, spoken in 2003.

Choose Life

I don’t want to say that the opponents of universal health care are lazy. Then again, the 4th of July wasn’t that long ago, and I assumed that any red, white and blue-blooded American would have brushed up on the Declaration of Independence in between sips of Heineken. Even if you just read the Spark […]

Losing the debate before it begins

Let’s say you’re about to sell a car. You’ve decided that you can’t part with your wheels for less than $10,000, but you think it could be worth as much as $12,000. When it comes time to post the Craigslist ad for your car, what asking price do you put down? If your name is […]