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A jobless recovery?

Economic recovery doesn’t mean what it used to. As usual, it means a comeback in stock prices, particularly the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has jumped almost 4,000 points since it bottomed out in March of this year. And it necessarily means a resurgence in the financial sector. But outside the gates of Wall St., […]

Obama fearmongering?

The newest rightwing meme is that Obama is engaged in Bush’esque fearmongering while pushing for the economic stimulus bill that’s likely to pass the Senate tomorrow. What’s at issue are statements like this from Obama: A failure to act and act now will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession, a less […]

The Republican stimulus gambit

Unemployment in the United States has reached 7.6% as the economy shed nearly 600k jobs. That’s the worst job loss rate since the 70s and the worst unemployment percentage since the early 90s. And yet, Republicans are pushing to both cut the size of Obama’s stimulus package and shift it more toward tax cuts contrary […]

Your liberal media covers the stimulus bill

Listen to conservatives long enough, and you’ll notice a recurring theme. They like to play the victim of media bias. I’ve yet to see any convincing evidence that their claims are true. However, I have seen lots of evidence that liberals and Democrats are not treated well by “their” media. ThinkProgress compiled data on the […]