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Reduce the deficit AFTER the real recovery

First, I hope all of you real ‘Mmmmericans had a great Thanksgiving. I know I had enough Turkey to hold me over until November 2010. Second, now that you we’re back, it’s time for a dose of Vitamin-T, Matt Taibbi. Taibbi noticed that the Obama administration is promising to reduce the deficit, a.k.a. government spending, […]

Taibbi On The Media-Political Establishment Dynamic

One of WWW’s favorites, Matt Taibbi, struck not a blow at Sarah Palin in a recent post but the whole of the relationship between the mainstream media and its interactions with the political establishment. Taibbi has been a reporter out on the campaign trail multiple times and, coming from a non-traditional journalism background, tends not […]

Giving the power to Wall Street

The Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, believes in the necessity of financial monsters like Citi, Bank of America and AIG. The proof is in their approach to fixing the credit and banking crisis. On Friday, the details of Treasury Secretary Geithner’s plan to save the banking system were leaked. As others, like […]