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When do the rich get to sacrifice?

According to rich conservative pundits, government employees need to sacrifice for the good of over-stretched government budgets around the country. Well, what about the huge tax cut you ***holes got in December? When are you going to sacrifice?

Where the money goes

Tax cut distribution chart, via Ezra Klein: Yes. Obama actually wants to sign a deal with Republicans to make the tax code more unfair. Wtih nearly 10% unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and bankrupt state governments we shouldn’t be giving even more money to millionaires who don’t need it. * * * * Update I realize the […]

Olbermann on the tax cut deal

Tax cut deal

On Tuesday, Republican President Barack Obama announced he would sign into law an extension of George W. Bush’s signature domestic policy initiative, tax cuts for the rich. Link

Why do Republicans want tax cuts for the rich?

Because they’re effing rich!

Atta girl!

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi managed to pass the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, with one modification: No bonus tax cuts for people who make in excess of $250,000. Pelosi and the House Democrats made the right move. Not raising taxes on middle class Americans during a deep recession makes sense. Americans need the […]

Washington Post FAIL (update)

Just a few minutes ago, the House of Representatives voted to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year. Rich folks would see a modest tax increase that will help shore up the deficit. As a result this is the headline the Washington Post runs: More proof that the […]

Problem solved

The problem with America is that rich people pay too much in taxes. Finally, we’ve elected representatives to solve that problem.

Roundup for Friday 3/6/2009

Andrew Sullivan continues the fight against legal discrimination based on sexual orientation: … gay adults have fewer rights in their relationships than 13-year old straights. Inmates on death row have more rights – they have an inviolable right to marry even if they will never be able to live with or even have sex with […]

What the tax cut regime has wrought

Next year the United States will run a budget deficit of $490 billion. That will bring total US debt to $10 trillion. (Thanks China!) Then there’s this fun news (@ Ezra Klein): In a new sign of increasing inequality in the U.S., the richest 1% of Americans in 2006 garnered the highest share of the […]