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Domestic Security, Terrorism, and Hasan

Addressing a recent post on Small Wars Journal: The massacre at Fort Hood is a reminder that the War on Terror is not fought just in south Afghanistan or Mosul. It is a global war also fought in an office building inside a military base in Texas. Many counter-terror analysts focus on the Pakistan connection […]

Insecure Feelings In 'Secure' Cities

Metropolis, a design magazine, recently blogged about a study titled ‘Secure Cities And Shrinking Public Space‘. By measuring accessibility, mobility, and surveillance of the spaces in the civic and financial centers of three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco) they found that “over 17% of total space within [the] three study sites is […]

The Kosovo Freedom Midweek Roundup

  Very funny, if relevant, spin on what Russia could do to piss off the US. US warns Russia not to encourage Georgian separatists — Oh wait, the real shit. Double standard? Why not. UN Police Quit Destroyed Kosovo Border Post. It’s begun. Enjoy the fires in the night. UN Peacekeepers Pinned Down in Eritrea. […]