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The Trouble With Twitter

The Kanye West backlash has already reached its pinnacle with even the President chiming in that Kanye was “a jackass”. This was an entertaining factoid to most but the way in which it was revealed was rather bothersome (to me at least). It seems during an off-the-record part of an interview, Obama uttered this statement […]

I still love you

I’m on vacation until Thursday, so I won’t be writing any of my famous blog posts. But since I still love you – and I’m addicted to the news – I will be updating the new Why We Worry Twitter feed: Twitter Updates Follow Why We Worry on Twitter Have fun in the comments. Write […]

Shaq tarnishes his legacy

After Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to their 15th NBA Championship Sunday night, former Laker star and Kobe rival, Shaq, decided to keep it classy on Twitter: But Kobe wasn’t the only target. Shaq decided it would also be in good taste to mock Laker benchwarmers. Later in the evening, Shaq seemed to offer up […]

I'm on vacation but there's Twitter

While I was on vacation in NYC, I posted to a Twitter account that was automatically updated on this page. Now that I’m back from my vacation, I’ve archived the “tweets” I posted during my trip. Exciting eh? Archive of Twitter Feed: Timestamp: Sept. 22, 10:30pm EST I see that Palin is supposed to meet […]