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Prediction: This won’t ever be popular

Spray-on clothes How many people are comfortable enough with their body image to basically walk around with just skin-tight layer of fabric separating them from the rest of the world? Second, you’ll need someone to help you spray it on your back. Third, who wants to peel off their clothes like a full body scab […]

Social Security: The Truth (video)

An excellent debunking of common myths about Social Security:

Looking forwards not backwards

(via Michael Moore) Government arrests Army intelligence analyst Spc. Bradley Manning, who may have leaked “Collateral Murder” video … and Then Confessed “Yeah, we water-boarded … I’d do it again.” – George W. Bush, June 2, 2010 FLASHBACK: (Unless You Expose U.S. Government Wrongdoing) “I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and […]

Star Trek, gay marriage, Census 2010

My three favorite things? Happy Census Day!

Great thinkers, Vol. 1: Lewis Black on legalizing weed

Exclusive Footage From Haiti

Graphic footage only a day or two old from Haiti. Injured Child in Haiti Man With Crushed Hip Plea For Help

Funny Fridays: Shamwow vs GaGa

Because it’s Friday and you need some entertainment. I’ve only seen this commercial aired once but it is decidedly more amusing than the Lady GaGa’s newest strangefest. It’s a bit peppier and anything that includes the Carlton Dance and clips from House Party is a winner. GaGa can be a laughfest though. My favorite points […]

Having a rough week?

Get one of these: (h/t Lauren)

Hump Day Hijinks: Hipster Edition

Because it’s Wednesday afternoon and we don’t take ourselves seriously all the time. Maybe 93% of it. Where The Dirty Hipsters Are (Wild Things Spoof) Wes Anderson’s “The Fellowship of the Ring”

Al Franken on health care bankruptcies

Yesterday, I wished that Congress was fun to watch all the time. That probably won’t ever happen, but at least Rep. Alan Grayson and now Sen. Al Franken are keeping it interesting when they get to talk: