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Search engine agnosticism

When I first heard that Rupert Murdoch was going to block search engines from indexing his news sites (Wall Street Journal, FOX News, and more) I thought it was an interesting idea. Possibly brilliant. Blocking all search engines could very well destroy most of the traffic to his sites, or it might make fans start […]

The American Dream of Home Ownership A Young Concept

Or at least that is what is revealed in this excellent summary of the 20th century history of home ownership in America at the WSJ.

Sorry we're out of the Dark Ages

Daniel Henniger wrote an column for the Wall Street Journal yesterday complaining about all the nuanced answers Obama gave at the Saddleback forum. Henniger longs for a simpler time when he didn’t have to learn how a candidate thought, because he could know without asking: There was a time before the multitude of world views […]