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President Obama’s Nobel Speech

Worth reading the whole thing. Click through to view.

The face of change

Bush trading political favors for money

Now with video!!! From the Times of London: Just in case you can’t see the video, in it Homeland Security adviser and Houston-based lobbyist Steven Payne tells Kazakh politician Yerzhan Dosmukhamedov that he can setup a meeting with Cheney, Rice and other top administration officials in exchange for donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

Who is talking about Bush & torture?

You know how I know our country is a little screwed up these days? THE PRESIDENT APPROVED THE TORTURE OF DETAINEES AND NO ONE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t this at least as big a problem as cheating on your wife in the White House? Or, you know, trying to steal […]