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Government for the businesses by the businesses

And people think government is anathema to business: The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style trade war against any European Union country which opposed genetically modified (GM) crops, newly released WikiLeaks cables show. In response to moves by France to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety in late 2007, the ambassador, […]

Torture, not just for Muslims anymore

Glenn Greenwald describes how Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking information to WikiLeaks, has been treated in U.S. custody: From the beginning of his detention, Manning has been held in intensive solitary confinement.  For 23 out of 24 hours every day — for seven straight months and counting – he sits […]

Chairman Joe and the threat of censorship

Joe Lieberman is abusing his post as Senate committee leader on Homeland Security by demanding the censorship of materials posted by Wikileaks. Wikileaks, as of this time, has not been charged with nor convicted of any crime. In fact, our country has long had laws that protect the publication of leaked documents like the Pentagon Papers. It […]

The Wikileaks philosophy

The idea behind making all this confidential data public is twofold: 1) Embarrass immoral organizations (governments, businesses, etc.) by airing their dirty laundry. The public can than make better decisions about said organizations. 2) Cause secretive organizations to become even more secretive to combat leaks. Excessive secrecy will eventually reduce the effectiveness of the same […]

The case for Wikileaks

Simon Jenkins: Clearly, it is for governments, not journalists, to protect public secrets. Were there some overriding national jeopardy in revealing them, greater restraint might be in order. There is no such overriding jeopardy, except from the policies themselves as revealed. Where it is doing the right thing, a great power should be robust against […]

Wikileaks pulls the lid off U.S. diplomacy

Today Wikileaks released approximately 250,000 confidential documents related to U.S. government diplomacy. This NY Times story runs down some of the highlights. The big takeaways? Saudi Arabia wants us to attack Iran for them Israel is ready to attack Iran U.S. diplomats to the U.N. are spying on their colleagues The U.S. is really worried about […]

Iraq War Leaks

On Friday, Wikileaks released 391,832 classified U.S. military reports. According to Wikileaks, this is the largest leak of its kind. The reports confirm a lot of what we already know (although not necessarily confirmed by the military itself), and a few things we didn’t: The Bush administration lied about the number of Iraqi civilians killed […]

WikiLeaks and embarrassment in Afghanistan

In the coming days we’re sure to be subjected to complaints and hand-wringing over the publication of these classified reports from our glorious War in/on Afghanistan by WikiLeaks. Keep in mind that the complainers are mostly interested in protecting themselves and their powerful friends from embarrassment. Embarrassments like this: Among the ninety-one thousand or so documents […]

Looking forwards not backwards

(via Michael Moore) Government arrests Army intelligence analyst Spc. Bradley Manning, who may have leaked “Collateral Murder” video … and Then Confessed “Yeah, we water-boarded … I’d do it again.” – George W. Bush, June 2, 2010 FLASHBACK: (Unless You Expose U.S. Government Wrongdoing) “I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and […]

Collateral murder in Iraq

Thanks to Wikileaks we have this graphic video of the US military essentially murdering unarmed civilians (including a Reuters photographer) in Iraq: At the time of the incident in 2007, the US military lied about murders, saying “there is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.” No disciplinary […]