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Behind closed doors

Obama has taken a lot of flack for breaking his campaign promise to negotiate the details of the health care bill in public. Famously, Obama made a back-room deal to limit the savings the health care bill would extract from pharmaceutical companies in exchange for their support. Matthew Yglesias thinks secret negotiations are the way […]

Killing the last of my inner-neocon

On Tuesday I wrote about how I thought Obama was overly ambitious with his plans for Pakganistan. Rather than continue our military occupation of Afghanistan, I thought it would be better to continue to strike from afar at Al Qaeda bases if they pop up: We could simply strike the terrorist bases in Afghanistan and […]

Could Freedom's Watch buy our elections?

(Update Below)  A relatively new right-wing political advocacy group could possibly spend $250 million in an attempt to influence the 2008 elections. This group, named Freedom’s Watch, was formed last year by former Bush White House aides . The group’s main focus was supporting Bush’s “surge.” But let’s go back to that dollar figure. $250 million. […]