Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. III

PHOTO: German road signs

The real open gov’t. Amazing project.

Ludicrous to even conceive that Jarvis or Bollinger would have even considered this. I doubt that even the journalists on the staff would stick around if the government bailed them out, no matter what the paper.

The field of sustainable architecture and design continues to impress an optimistic vision of the future on me.

German Town’s Traffic Plan: Remove Signs, Curbs – Slowly but surely, experiments like this are rolling across European towns. It would be great to see what could occur in the US.

This is the beautiful part about the new Internet: the ability for experiments far and wide to build things for people who most need it (and to get their input on the projects as well).


The constantly evolving nature of the Chinese citizenry and their further empowerment. I would love to see it 5 years from now.

A Rwanda or Darfur in the making?

Douglas Adams of Dilbert fame reflects on how he would stage manage an election.

“The question about whether it ‘costs the consumer’ implies that sustainability is like some kind of add-on feature — like power windows or side-impact air bags. That’s not the right way to think about sustainability at all.” – Interview with Tom Seager, RIT Sustainability Institute

I doubt this will ever happen in the next decade. A firm split between a Europe-looking west and a Russophile east with a creaky and corrupt political system to boot.

More help on global censorship from students at the Uni. of Toronto

Flickr photo by revolver77