You Can’t Please Everyone

But you really can’t please the Republicans – unless you’re Obama and you “fail” at something.

This news is no surprise for anyone following the discourse of events in the news. Now there are the accusations that Obama is an asshole for not meeting the Dalai Lama before he meets the Chinese President. Before this, there were cheers across Republican households for when Obama ‘failed’ to secure the Olympics for Chicago. It seems that the Grand Sore Loser Party wants to celebrate any type of step back or differing tack that the administration may take.

The Bush years weren’t filled with love from the Democratic side either yet, to me, there never seemed as much fear-fueled anger spilled out on the airwaves. And if there were, it would be deemed “unpatriotic”. Where is the patriotism from the Republican Party now? You still have a President at war, one dealing with a vast economic crisis at home, and the possibility of more soldiers’ bodies arriving home in caskets in the future.

The hue and cry is for nothing from the right. Obama has only taken baby steps where real leaps should be made. Those of the Great Bitching & Moaning Party should actually be celebrating his centrism. They have greater freedoms under Obama than they ever would have had under Bush. Remember when dissenting people would get thrown out of ‘town halls’ for wearing the wrong T-shirt? Now you can carry firearms to meetings with the President. Guantanamo is still open, people are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the US is still horribly in debt – what has really changed for you Repubs since Obama took office in January that you have to cry and soil your diapers every time he does something?

Obama has more to fear from his constituents than he ever would from a bunch of religious nutjobs on the fringe of American politics.

For the record: Pres. Bush met the Chinese two months before he met the Dalai Lama back in May 2001.