Class warfare

Republicans put their heads together and decided the biggest problem facing America is …

… Drumroll please …

Rich people don’t have enough money!:

The [the House Republican budget] plan would condemn millions to the ranks of the uninsured, raise health costs for seniors and renege on the obligation to keep poor children fed. It envisions lower taxes for the wealthy than even George W. Bush imagined: a permanent extension for his tax cuts, plus large permanent estate-tax cuts, a new business tax cut and a lower top income tax rate for the richest taxpayers.

Compared to current projections, spending on government programs would be cut by $4.3 trillion over 10 years, while tax revenues would go down by $4.2 trillion. So spending would be eviscerated, mainly to make room for continued tax cuts.

Under the new GOP plan, people that might need Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security should stop complaining and just die already.

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