Before I begin, I want you to know that I hate these types of posts. You know, the ones where bloggers talk about why they haven’t been blogging, but I feel I owe you folks an explanation.

I’m burned out on politics!

The issues I’ve revisited time and time again on this blog – war, torture, civil liberties, and economic inequality – aren’t going away. Hell, they’re not even inching toward improvement.

War: Instead of ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ve doubled down and opened up a new war in Libya.

Torture: In the opening weeks of Obama’s presidency, he made an official move to ban torture, but apparently it didn’t stick. In the last few months, with Obama’s full knowledge, our government has been torturing whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Civil liberties: Obama, in the Bush/Cheney tradition, asserts the rights we’d associate with autocrats. He can indefinitely detain prisoners without trial and assassinate untried American citizens. This week will likely see Congress renew the Patriot Act with bipartisan support.

Economic inequality: Wall Street bankers still haven’t paid for dive bombing the world economy in 2008, their punishment was billions of dollars funneled from taxpayers to their wallets. Unemployment remains ridiculously high, and yet the debate in Washington is not about the best ways to create jobs, but over whether to further gut the safety net to pave the way for continued low taxes for the rich.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that America’s ruling class is just too disconnected from reality outside of Washington and their elite circles. They don’t see people devastated by their wars or economic policies.  Instead, they’re surrounded by people whose biggest problem is a half a percent increase in capital gains taxes. Their acquaintances, friends and family are all doing fine. No wonder they don’t think we need any fundamental changes.

Ultimately, I think I’ve written all I can about these problems, at least for now. I’m starting to feel like I’m an album stuck on repeat. And that’s no fun for me, and it can’t be much fun for you. So, until I get a chance to recharge, I won’t be posting anymore.

Whatever happens, I want to thank you for your years of loyal readership. Your time is valuable, and I sincerely thank you for spending a little of it on my writing.