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The next bubble: student loan debt

Students graduating college last year owed a record amount in loans. Compared to five years ago, borrowing has increased 20% to an average bill of $25,250. The rise in borrowing is unsurprising considering that, while American wages have generally stagnated, tuition has swelled. For instance, under the most optimistic projection, the University of California system […]

People try to put us down

I’ve rarely been happier with my generation than after reading this article from The Wall Street Journal. The paper interviewed a cross-section of corporate America’s human resource experts, asking them for their impressions of the rising workforce. The interviewees expressed uniform concern that Generation Y feels an undeserved sense of entitlement. “These outspoken young people […]

Funnest teacher ever to be fired

Set to Pearl Jam’s single, “The Fixer” from their new album Backspacer.

Restructuring Humanities

If your last trip to the video store taught you anything, it’s that the cashier made a serious mistake by pursuing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. Sure, she spends her days near DVD copies of “Waking Life,” but we imagine she’s probably unsatisfied. She’s not the only one that can’t get no satisfaction. In the […]