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Green on green crime

Daniel H. works in renewable energy development in the Houston area. He studied at Rice University and researched energy policy in Denmark as a Fulbright Scholar. If you were driving from L.A. to Phoenix, and you happened to look left a few minutes after driving through Barstow, C.A., you would see an open expanse of […]

Drill now, safety later

After Obama realized the BP spill was an unmitigated disaster rather than a tiny hiccup in an otherwise smooth operation, he ordered a halt to drilling all new wells deeper than 500 feet. He wanted time to asses the danger posed by new wells and our ability to respond to future mishaps. Unsurprisingly, oil companies […]

Good job Ian

You called it: New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf “A government panel on Thursday essentially doubled its estimate of how much oil has been spewing from the out-of-control BP well, with the new calculation suggesting that an amount equivalent to the Exxon Valdez disaster could be flowing into the Gulf of […]

Why the American people will end up paying for the BP spill

Oil companies currently benefit from a dream law that limits their liability in accidents to $75 million. That’s right. $75 million. BP could kill all the fish in the Gulf of Mexico and they would only be liable for $75 million. Isn’t that just f**king outrageous? Last year BP struggled to make $14 billion in […]

What BP should pledge to do

The BBC is reporting that BP is pledging $500 million to study the effects of their oil that is still spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. I guess they should be doing this study, but now’s probably not the time to announce it. Right now it looks like nothing more than a PR stunt. Instead […]