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U.K. expands their surveillance state

The U.K. Parliament recently passed the terrifying Investigatory Powers Act. From The Intercept: Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new law is that it will give the British government the authority to serve internet service providers with a “data retention notice,” forcing them to record and store for up to 12 months logs showing websites […]


Thanks Greece: As demonstrators took to the streets in Greece to protest the government’s austerity plan, traders, worried that the Greek debt crisis would spread, sent indexes into disarray for a second day on Wednesday. Indexes on Wall Street, which started the day sharply lower, had regained most of that ground by midday. The euro, […]

The Degeneracy Thesis

In the second half of the 18th century, prominent European intellectuals supported a theory claiming that “due chiefly to atmospheric conditions, in particular excessive humidity, all living things in the Americas were not only inferior to those found in Europe, but also in a condition of decline.” This was known as the Degeneracy Thesis, and […]

When Do Our Bankers Get Their Scolding?

The right wing in the US likes to joke about the weakness and effeminate nature of Europeans but at least those Europeans are taking principled stances on banker bonuses and the selfish financial industry in general. On Friday, the President of the European Central Bank addressed them: Mr Trichet said financial institutions should be using […]

Selling your infrastructure for short term profit

Like the United States, Great Britain has been in a bit of a funk since the Great Recession. Government debt is through the roof, but the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has a plan: Sell the Dartford Tunnel and other government assets for some quick cash. This is the sort of thing American cities have been […]

R.I.P. Missile Defense System (Almost)

via BBC News: US President Barack Obama has shelved plans for controversial bases in Poland and the Czech Republic in a major overhaul of missile defence in Europe. Well, almost: He said a review had shown the need to switch strategy to defending against the short- and medium-range missiles that Iran could use to target […]

Le Tour

From the perspective of an American, when you think of the Tour de France two things probably pop into your mind: Lance Armstrong and doping scandals. And probably a third, tight shorts. I happened to watch three stages of this event this past week (it ended Sunday) and found myself enjoying it, only thinking about […]

A Future Framented Europe?

The folks over at came up with the map below as a projection of what new states could emerge from Europe by 2020. I don’t know if the guy who made it happened to stop by the Autonomist and Secessionist Movements list on Wikipedia (and its a beauty) and started extrapolating but, to throw […]

Beyond the subprime crisis

In my post about US debt to China, we found out that each and everyone of us in America owes the Chinese about $6,000. This is partly due to the fact we import more goods from China than we export to them, and because the Chinese government invests heavily in our currency. The two are […]

The Cowardly West

I’ve been mulling over this article by Christopher Hitchens about the withdrawal of the UK’s Prince Harry from the front-line in Afghanistan. One of his conclusions is we are perhaps too afraid of so-called “Islamists.” I agree. But first, for those of you not familiar with the story, Prince Harry had been serving in Afghanistan, […]