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Greased with cash and covered by paint

By Daniel H. Why We Worry / Middle America Bureau For at least the last four or five years (longer if you’re a natural pessimist or a good prognosticator), the most important question in America has been What Went Wrong? People felt like they understood what their deal in life was, what the rules of […]

Joys of a Time Warner Cable installation

By Ted I would like to share my recent experience with Time Warner Cable. I have been a subscriber for the past 3 years, so I have had to deal with intermittent incompetence, but no huge issues. Last week I moved literally across the hall. In preparation for this move I contacted Time Warner asking […]

Your Rights Hanging By A Belt…

…or How I Contributed To The Public Coffers Of Warrenton, NC By Ian Last week, I had to go to court to “defend” myself for getting a speeding ticket. Let me first tell you about how I got said ticket so you understand how I ended up in this situation. My fiancée and I were […]

The Western Media and The New Red Scare

By Ian It appears that the current media buildup against China is working. A recent poll of Americans asked which country is the greatest enemy to the United States. China at 14% (up 3% from a year ago) was voted third behind Iran at 25% and Iraq at 21%. Compare this to North Korea who […]